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Amron produces a host of technical educational equipment. These are not limited to the range of our most popular selected manufactured products review-able at the PDF links below.

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    Custom-Made Educational Equipment

    Companies & organizations who have used Amron have taken advantage of the ability to provide the most efficient technical educational solution to prepare their workers adequately by using teaching equipment that they will encounter on the job.

    Although we have a large range of hardware teaching products which we’ve already manufactured over the past 30+ years, we still thoroughly enjoy drawing inspiration from clients who work with us to manufacture new technical educational equipment which hasn’t been done or seen before. If this is you, feel free to share your thoughts and needs with us on the contact form.

    We focus on the production of electrical hardware for various competencies across all engineering disciplines. We invest heavily into the design and development of new engineering products to ensure we’re always at the forefront of our industry – while always maintaining an exceptional level of service to our existing customers.

    Amron Product Offerings

    • 1PH & 3PH Transformer Trainer
    • Advanced Digital Training System
    • Analogue and Digital Electronics Trainer
    • Analogue and Digital Lab Training Equipment
    • Auto Electrical Trainer
    • Autotronic Training System
    • Basic Electricity Trainer
    • Basic PLC Programming Trainer
    • Cut Away Automotive Equipment
    • Demonstration Transformer Set
    • Demountable Electric Machine Trainer
    • Domestic & Commercial Training System
    • Electrical Machine Trainer
    • Electrical Work Stations & Power Supplies
    • Flow & Level Control Trainer
    • Industrial Process Simulator
    • Motor/Generator Trainers
    • Plug-In Component Modules
    • Power Electrical Industrial Trainer
    • Pre-Built Component Panels
    • Refrigeration Trainer
    • Rotating Electromagnetics Trainer
    • Sensor & Motion Trainer
    • Starter-Alternator Test Bench
    • Traffic Intersection Simulator
    • Transducer Trainer

    For further information on any of our products please contact us…

    Are you looking to provide an efficient technical teaching environment to help prepare your workers adequately for the job at hand, to ensure they hit the ground running on day one?