Welcome to Amron

Amron is a leading manufacturer & supplier of technical educational training equipment, based in South Africa. Having exported our products all over the globe, Amron is well known in the industry for it’s mantra: “Teach by Showing, Learn by Doing”.

Founded in 1982, Amron has since helped hundreds of Organizations, Companies and Government Institutions with their educational programs through real world learning on products we’ve manufactured, which create a simulator type environment for learners to be taught.

Technical Teaching Equipment

Companies & organizations who have used Amron have taken advantage of the ability to provide the most efficient technical educational solution to prepare their workers adequately by using teaching equipment that they will encounter on the job.

Custom-Made Educational Equipment

Although we have a large range of hardware teaching products which we’ve already manufactured over the past 30+ years, we still thoroughly enjoy drawing inspiration from clients who work with us to manufacture new technical educational equipment which hasn’t been done or seen before. If this is you, feel free to share your thoughts and needs with us on the contact form.

Electrical Hardware Production

We focus on the production of electrical hardware for various competencies across all engineering disciplines. We invest heavily into the design and development of new engineering products to ensure we’re always at the forefront of our industry – while always maintaining an exceptional level of service to our existing customers.

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    36 Thomas Watkins Road, Mkondeni
    Pietermaritzburg – South Africa

    Amron DM-100 Demountable Motor Set

    The DM-100 is a Unique and Flexible Training System, which enables the student to study the construction, operation, control & characteristics of various rotating electrical machines. Comprising four main groups – single phase motors; 3 phase motors; DC motors & AC/DC generators.

    Amron E-300 Basic Electricity Trainer

    The Amron Basic Electricity Trainer provides a practical introduction to electricity. Distinguishing features of this product, robust and durable, high quality, excellent value, safe & simple to use, no tools required, comprehensive experiment manual, detailed wiring & schematic diagrams.

    Amron PLC-940 PLC Trainer/Simulator

    A versatile, easy to use PLC trainer/simulator for students or professionals wanting to learn PLC programming or wanting to do practical tests of their PLC program. The PLC 940 can be used stand alone or to connect to other devices via 4mm plug in connecting leads. Also available in an aluminium case.

    Teach by Showing – Learn by Doing

    Are you looking to provide an efficient technical teaching environment to help prepare your workers adequately for the job at hand, to ensure they hit the ground running on day one?